Mischievous ThomMischievous Thom


Four journeys through music converge in the busted pool hall that is Mischievous Thom. Intelligent, aware and unafraid they collect inspirations and tangential rhythms to raise up wonderful and telling moments from the listeners mind, building the soundtrack of a film as yet unwritten, always ready to fall; a wine glass yet to hit the ground.


Mischievous Thom began its life in Drysdale 2008. Lead singer and strummer Brandon Davey set out from previous collaborators to create music under the banner of ‘Mischievous Thom’. Being born of a departure those songs wore their inspirations close to the surface and were carried by a youthful energy.


The wheel turns and today he continues under those colours with new cohort. Robert Hammond on guitar, long serving student of sound, he slings riffs and smoky leads across the mischievous palette. Jack Hyland provides the thread that binds, the bass on which any song rises or falls.
Underpinning these three are the beats of one of Australia’s youngest veterans of percussion, Jess Ellwood, a hired gun of huge sounds and understated brilliance.


Together, Mischievous Thom bring sweet calamity on the ears and minds of their listeners with a considered, impetuous energy all of their own.