Biggy RatBiggy Rat


Biggy rat is a Texas 3 piece Blues Band that have been playing together for two decades.
Biggy Rat love rock it out playing their favourite blues artist, SRV, CCR,
Tony Joe Whie, Lynard Skinnard, Rolling Stones.Jimmy Hendix,and many many more.


Together we have acquired more than 120yrs of musical knowledge and musical
ability as all members began playing and performing no later than their early teens.


Frankie…Drums & guitar and lead vocals…Age 51…began drumming at the early age of 7yrs and started playing acoustic guitar form the early age of 13yrs..
With a drumming style heavily influenced by Mitch Mitchell,and Chris Whipper Layton, and a deep gravely under tone to his vocals …he has the suitable playing style and voice for the type of music Biggy Rat loves to play and delivers it with the energy
level it needs to reach all of those who listen.


Tony…Lead &Rhythm guitar and vocals…Age 53…Tony began to play guitar from the early age of 11yrs. He was immediately influenced by bands such as Rush, Little Feet, Stevie ray Vaughn and Jimmy Hendrix. Cutting his teeth on this has given Tony the ability to reproduce the sounds of his favorites…but also still add his own style and flair…so he still sounds unique.. He is the member who has the most influence on the arrangements that Biggy Rat choose to play and never rests until he is happy with the sounds, light and shade, and loves to come up with something slightly different in our delivery.


Vic….Bass guitar…Age 57yrs…Vic began to play Bass guitar from the early Age of 13yrs. He has been heavily influeneced By Roger Glover (Deep Purple),
Jack Bruce (Cream), Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and Noel Redding (Jimmy Hendrix Experience) and Tommy Shannon (Double Trouble) Vic is the underling anchorman
for Biggy Rat and when Playing with Frankie on drums now for 20yrs helps hold together an excellent rhythm section that allows Tony to be able to drift off and do his own thing but always able to come back knowing exactly where Biggy rat are during the song.


All of this combined has allowed Biggy Rat to put together a huge 3 piece sound that is full and rich, with energy and just the right amount of light and shade.